The Unplanned Planner was born from an idea to create a planner that felt like me—a non-planner. My “system” consisted of scraps of paper, digital to-do lists, notebooks, and sticky notes everywhere. 

I needed something beautiful, powerful, and simple to corral it all.



Andrea Williams
Owner & Designer, Andrea Designs LLC / Paisley Paper Co.


I've been a proud non-planner for most of my life. I enjoy allowing life's surprises to twist and turn my day. But then I got incredibly busy. I was working a full-time job, running Andrea Designs LLC, and building Paisley Paper Co. My system of random notes all over the place just wasn't working anymore. Since I was now in the paper goods industry, it seemed like a no-brainer to design my own planner. I wanted this planner to represent the three major qualities of the Paisley Paper Co. brand: beautiful, colorful, and funny. I think I've created something that not only non-planners will love to use, but planners in general.