The Unplanned Planner is for people whose idea of organizing their time is 1,592 sticky notes along with pages of scribbles strewn across 5 different notebooks.


Pre-production cover shown.

all in one place

The Unplanned Planner keeps all your shit together. No need for all those random notebooks or pieces of scattered paper with lists of things half checked off. 
It's all right here. 

*Pre-production cover shown



Pre-production cover shown.

Aesthetically beautiful

Inside, each month is introduced by a hand-lettered quote to welcome you into the new month. On the outside, its soft-touch cover material has a cool design that’ll make you proud to own it.

*Cover / Interior mockup shown


stay on track

Not the world’s most organized person? No problem. It's easy to lose track. The Unplanned Planner prompts you monthly and weekly  to remain focused on your goals.


The Unplanned Planner keeps you in check!


Are you always playing catch-up with last month's goals? Each month, there's a chance to start fresh again.
With the Unplanned Planner, you'll always have a place to write those new monthly goals. Easily accessible in your month overview. Don't worry, you'll also have plenty of places for your daily and weekly goals too. 



A new way to prioritize your life.


We all know about to-do lists. Those mandatory things that we absolutely must do. The Unplanned Planner has tons of space for those. It is a planner, after all. But have you thought about your 'to-don't' list? A list of things not to do that might derail your focus. This planner has got that too. 


Your life, unplanned. Week by week.


Weeks go by and sometimes you've barely scratched the surface of
your to-do list. No more. Check out the how the Unplanned Planner keeps
everything together each week. Click through to see each page close up.